Born: November 26, 1988 @ 6:18 am - Killeen Texas - Metroplex Hospital
Weight: 8lb 6oz
Length: 19 1/2"

Family: Kari loved hanging out & spending time with her brother Jesse.  She was family oriented and enjoyed going to her younger cousins sport games. Kari would often look forward to sleeping over at Grandma's house and playing games and going out to eat. Kari love the Deckhouse, she especially like the BBQ Chicken Ranch Dip.  Kari also enjoyed going to church on Sundays and Youth Group with her cousin David on Wednesday's at Victory Family Church.

Volunteering: Kari devoted some of her time to helping others and volunteered at Placid Place Ministries.  Kari volunteered on Family Resource Day for the past 3 summers and helped at The Family Resource Center, a camp for kids.

Interests: Animals were one of the many things she loved.  Kari's cat, George, was spoiled by her.  She would treat him so sweet and special everyday.  Walking her Uncle Kevin's dogs, Shadow & Chopper was something she enjoyed doing.  Over the years, Kari rescued and took care of wounded animals such as bunnies, birds, squirrels and even moles.
Over the years, Kari had many hamsters as pets.  She also had a Guinea Pig when we were in Hawaii.
She would always stop at the pet stores every chance she could to see and play with all the animals.
  Some of Kari's other interests & activities included:
Sports - Bowling, Rock Climbing, Hiking.
Baking - Loved to bake and eat chocolate chip cookies.
Sewing - Liked to make purses
Loved fashion, clothing accessories, beaded jewelry, belts & shoes.
Loved Yard Saleing with Mom and going to antique shops.
  Kari had an interest & a natural talent for decorating, interior design & painting.  She did several decorative painting jobs for Debbye Shackleford and helped paint & decorate our home.

Movies: Kari loved scary movies & Molly Ringwald movies.  Her favorite Molly Ringwald movie is the Breakfast Club and her favorite movie of all time is Ever After

Music Kari loved her music. She often made her own mixed CD's so she could listen to all of her favorite songs.  I remember Kari even enjoyed listening to my music such as The Outlaws & Bad Company.
  Kari's type of music varied.  I know she loved the Plain White T's, especially the song  "Hey There Delilah".  I found one of  the last CD's she made and on it of course was some Plain White T's.  It also had Shiny Toy Guns and some other artists I have yet to find out who they are..  Kari also loved some old time rockers such as Bob Dylan.

Friends: Kate Marshall was Kari's best friend.  Kari really enjoyed spending time with Kate.  She liked to go to the Southside with her and hang out at the Bee Hive and browse through the shops.  Going to the malls with her friends and hanging out was something else Kari enjoyed doing with her friends.